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Wedding at Cardiff Castle with a Red and Gold theme

Red and gold are two colors that are often associated with celebration, joy, and prosperity. So, when Ben and Jane decided to use these colours for their wedding flowers at Cardiff Castle, we knew it was going to be a stunning and unique event.

The couple wanted their flowers to reflect their cultural backgrounds, as well as the colours of the Undercroft of the castle. The beautiful bride is from Taiwan and the groom is a Welsh man, so this was a cross cultural wedding that celebrated Chinese and Welsh traditions.

Wedding flower arch in red and gold
Wedding flower arch in red and gold
Cardiff castle wedding
Cardiff castle undercroft

To achieve the desired look, we used a combination of gypsophila, roses, anthurium, and sprayed gold palm leaves. The gypsophila added a touch of softness and airiness, while the roses provided a classic and elegant touch. The anthurium added a touch of drama and exoticism, and the sprayed gold palm leaves added a touch of glamour.

Luxury wedding flower backdrop
Wedding flower arch/back drop in red and gold
Stylish wedding flowers in red and gold
This arrangement conatins luxury roses, anthurim and gold palm leaves.

The result was a wedding flower display that was both beautiful and meaningful. The red and gold colors were a perfect complement to the Undercroft, and the flowers themselves were a reflection of the couple's cultural backgrounds.

Wedding at Cardiff Castle's undercroft
Wedding reception flowers at Cardiff Castle's undercroft

We were so honored to be a part of this special wedding. We loved working with the couple to create their dream wedding flowers, and we are so happy that they were happy with the results.

If you are looking for wedding flowers that are both beautiful and meaningful, we encourage you to consider using red and gold. These colors are sure to make a statement, and they can be used to create a truly unique and memorable wedding flower display.

Wedding couple at Cardiff castle
Bride and groom at Cardiff castle
Gypsophila wedding table centre
Gypsophila wedding table centre

If you're looking for a wedding florist who can create a truly unique and special display, look no further than us! We love working with couples to bring their vision to life, no matter how crazy it may seem.

To schedule a consultation with us for your wedding flowers, contact Flowers, I do now.

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