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Trending wedding flower arches

A short while ago we took the opportunity of the lock-down to be creative and think about what the next wedding trends will be. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, most of our customers have to postpone their weddings and rethink about their plans. They have been unable to have the grand weddings in the castles, manor houses, or farms this year, which was very disappointing for everyone. But, this opportunity gave us the chance to reflect and enhance our skills. We are now refreshed and recharged, ready to make 2021 weddings remarkable.

Here are two different styles of flower arch we believe to be very popular with our 2021 and 2022 couples. Are you a modern type of girl or a whimsical girl? If you are the first one, the Geometric flower arch will look perfect on your stylish and elegant wedding. If you are the second, our Romantic arch with drape will make your ceremony look like a fair-tale.

  • Geometric flower arch

  • Romantic arch with drape

This short video shows our recent fun arches making creation over looking stunning Cardiff and Cardiff Bay.

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